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Code for Tucson is the Tucson chapter of the Code for America Brigade. We are a group of volunteer civic hackers working together to solve local issues and help people engage with the city.

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First and third Tuesdays. Casual meetups for geeks, activists, policy makers, and journalists.

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An open conversation online about Tucson, what we're doing now, and what's next.

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Code for Tucson creates tools, information, and experiences that serve the Old Pueblo.
See a sample of our projects below, or browse the complete list here. You are welcome to dive right in!

Community Share

Project Lead: Kristin Wisneski-Blum, Ben Reynwar & Josh Schachter

Project Contact: Community Share Contact Page

Community Share is a project to connect educators and professionals with the goal of “Inspiring our next generation of learners & leaders.” Volunteer your time with a local classroom or find professionals in fields related to your lessons that can help engage your students.

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Project Lead: Paul Tynan

Project Contact: [email protected]

The purpose of this system is to make it much easier to create high quality, computer-assisted, step-by-step instructions (commonly called wizards). We have some preliminary evidence that sustainability groups and other non-profits would benefit from such a tool. It is quite possible that we will not come up with a design that allows most content experts, relatively unskilled with computers, to easily create a wizard. So before we code, we will investigate proposed designs and try to determine the feasibility of the project.

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National Day of Civic Hacking 2016

Project Lead: Inara Makhmudova

Project Contact:

Code for Tucson gathered on the University of Arizona campus on June 4, 2016 to take part in the National Day of Civic Hacking 2016, a special event coordinated through Code for America, to work on community-centered projects.

During the event we brainstormed and collaborated on projects relating to food scarcity, language and job training resources in Spanish, and the preservation of Tucson’s birthplace.

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